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The Project

The Ahlulbayt Community of Western Australia has been active in Perth for many years, but it is time to proceed forward with establishing a unique Islamic Centre that would cater for all our needs and for the needs of the various communities of different background. The primary goal of this Islamic Centre will be to provide all the services for the wider Muslim community of Western Australia. The main language will be English, and it will be run by representatives of numerous organisations from different backgrounds.

The Plan

We will undertake this project in two stages. The first stage involves collecting donations to purchase land with existing building and modifying the buildings for immediate use. The second stage of the plan involves a construction of a new centre and this will depend on our financial situation.
Your financial support will allow this centre to pay off all mortgage payments., cover ongoing expenses, facilitate regular programs, give adequate educational material, prepare adequate facilities for teaching all the brothers, sisters, youth and children, and to uphold Islamic rituals and programs in remembrance of the Ahlulbayt (as).


Estimated Cost

The average cost of purchasing an appropriate building is about $2,000 per square meter. The average cost to build on a property, after the purchasing of the land is $1,300 per square metre, plus landscaping, fencing, and other ongoing
maintenance and building requirements. This step of utmost importance cannot be done without your help.